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Ashire Communications invites you to take a look below at our writing samples.

We think you'll agree that quality matters. A professional writer can help you project a polished image and effectively convey crucial messages.


Thousands of Older Adults Rely on Us

     Think about if your parents or grandparents lived alone — hundreds of miles from you — and depended on a limited income to survive. You’d feel better knowing that a caring, committed organization was looking out for them. That’s what CASS does for thousands of seniors in Greater Cincinnati. By providing meals, transportation, social interaction and more, we help them to stay active, live independently and maintain their health.

From website of Cincinnati Area Senior Services

Xavier Student Wins International Investing Competition

      One of Matthew Tarka’s earliest memories is sitting on his father’s lap in front of a computer and learning about the stock market.

     At the time, he was about five years old. Now, he’s a freshman at Xavier University and his knowledge of investing has grown dramatically. It also has paid off.

     Tarka, a finance major from Edgewood, Kentucky, has won an international competition to determine which college student could get the greatest return on their investment from a simulated $100,000 stock portfolio.

     While other teens might follow sports or pop culture, Tarka tracks the financial markets. “I’d rather read about that than whatever else kids read about nowadays,” he said.

“I may not be an athlete,” he added, “but I still want to win and be the best.”

From news release for Xavier University's College of Business

Our Clients are Amazing

Patty, who is in her early 50s, has had many firsts since moving to an OVRS home in 2003. She has had her first birthday party, her first roller coaster ride and her first long-distance vacations— to Dollywood in Tennessee and Universal Studios in Florida. She also had her first visit from Santa Claus, who came to visit her at the Galbraith home in Madeira, where she lives with five other clients. She works on an assembly line at the Jackson Adult Center, run by Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.

From marketing brochure of Ohio Valley Residential Services

Intensive Mental Health Program Makes Schools Safer

     Cleves Police Sgt. David Bingle remembers when a burly Taylor Middle School student had such wild outbursts that he terrified other students. But since The Children’s Home began providing intensive group therapy at Taylor, the boy has made significant progress in controlling his temper. He’s now able to function in class with minimal intervention by staff. 

      Bingle, the School Resource Officer for the Three Rivers Local School District, views the boy’s progress with awe. In fact, Bingle calls our specialists the “Navy Seals” of mental health therapists. Just like the Navy’s special operations teams, Bingle considers our therapists to be elite as well. “The Children’s Home has always gone above the call of duty in helping us here at Taylor,” Bingle said.

From annual report of The Children's Home

Interfaith Award Being Named After Beloved Professor

   Lots of students at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion called Professor Lowell McCoy their “favorite rabbi.” It was their ironic way of showing fondness for a beloved teacher.

    You see, McCoy is not a rabbi. He’s not even Jewish. He’s an ordained Methodist minister.

    Yet for a half century, he taught rabbinical students at HUC-JIR how to be great orators. In doing so, he helped to shape the way hundreds of Reform rabbis deliver sermons across North America and beyond.

    Now, an award has been named after McCoy that will help promote interfaith harmony. It’s called the “Reverend Lowell McCoy Prize in Interfaith Relations.”

From news release for HUC-JIR

The Children's Home Helps Family Put Crisis Behind Them

   About five years ago, Jasmin Buchannon lived with her husband and two sons in a beautiful Cincinnati neighborhood, enjoying some financial security. “I would consider what we had success,” she said. “We were elated with joy. We were on top of the world.”

     Then, her husband moved away because of legal issues related to his immigration status. Jasmin was left to raise her sons alone. What made things even more difficult: Her sons struggled with resentment because their father was gone. For a while, the older boy, Jihad, spent much of his school day in the nurse’s office, crying.

    “For me to watch that as a mother, I felt helpless. I felt like I failed him as a mom.” Meanwhile, Jasmin was working two jobs – about 50 to 60 hours a week. “I felt like I didn’t want to keep going. I didn’t know how to keep going, and I needed help.”

    Jasmin sought treatment from The Children’s Home for herself and her sons. “After getting involved with The Children’s Home, I started seeing improvements with Jihad. I started to see him trust again. I started to see him laugh more.

     “Jihad’s therapist helped him understand he is not alone. These are normal feelings. These are normal thoughts. From working with The Children’s Home, I have gained the courage to keep going. I have gained the inspiration,” Jasmin said. “My therapist has been there with me every step of the way.”

From annual report of The Children's Home

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