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Ashire Uses Marketing, PR and Other Communications Techniques to Help Clients Achieve Their Goals

Marketing Management | Websites | Publicity | Writing |

Publishing | Communications Audits | Crisis Communications |

Media Relations Training | Photography

Marketing and PR Management: We have extensive experience developing and implementing marketing and PR plans.


Websites: When it comes to creating websites, we do it all. Our websites feature compelling writing, vivid photographs, user-friendly navigation and attractive designs.

Publicity: Drawing on our 25 years of journalism experience, we've had tremendous success persuading the news media to provide news coverage for clients.

Media relations training: We coach leaders to interact with the news media, including for interviews. They feel more confident and comfortable after we train them.

Publishing: We've produced award-winning annual reports, newsletters, brochures, flyers, postcards and more.

Writing: We've spent years polishing our ability to write guest columns, letters, newslettersnews releases, feature articles, fundraising letters, contest entries and more.

Communications Audits: We assess an organization's communications practices to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency and to recommend improvements. School districts typically learn valuable lessons that result in better year-round communication and successful levies.

Crisis Communications: We help organizations prepare for crises that could harm their reputations. We draft crisis communications plans and train clients to use those plans, then conduct realistic drills.

Photography: We use award-winning photographers whose work enhances our clients' digital and printed materials.

Human Resources: We recruit, screen and coach marketing and PR professionals for organizations.

"Elliot Grossman comes up with innovative ways to publicize the great work our faculty, staff and students are doing at the Williams College of Business. In two years, Elliot has been able to create more positive publicity for the business school than the last eight years combined. His work for the X-LAB Competition has led to more than 300 entrepreneurs submitting ideas for new businesses and nonprofits. His writing about our pioneering Business Profession Program has generated interest from business schools across the U.S. And his role as an experienced advisor to me has been invaluable."
Dr. Ali Malekzadeh, President, Roosevelt University, Chicago
Former Dean, Williams College of Business,
Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
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