TRIVIA QUIZZES: An Engaging Way to Generate Attention

Do You Know the Answers to These Questions about Cincinnati Area Nonprofits?

March 2015 Quiz

  1) Name the body of water in Mason, Ohio where people can go to improve their health and wellness.
  It opened in late 2014 for the entire community.

  2) William H. Hoover, who owned the Hoover vacuum cleaner company, served on the board of trustees
  of which nonprofit for children?

  3) Which iconic Cincinnati symbol is contained in the logo for the Cincinnati Preschool Promise?

  4) Identify the person for whom The Cincinnatus Association is named.

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Answers for March 2015 quiz

February 2013 Quiz

  1) Besides the Shalom Center, how many other safe havens for older adults are there in the United States?

  2) Among Ohio school districts, how does Lakota rank in size by number of students?

  3) Which Price Hill nonprofit provides GED preparation so dropouts can get the equivalent of a high
  school diploma?

  4) Jewish Vocational Service of Cincinnati combined its publicly funded programs for people
  with developmental disabilities with another nonprofit. Name the other organization and the
  combined organization's new name.

  5) Residents of Cedar Village Retirement Community traveled to Israel on a first-of-its-kind interfaith
  mission. What is the name of the other retirement community that participated?

                                                                                                                  Answers for February 2013 quiz

           June 2011 Quiz

  1) Which is older: The Children's Home of Cincinnati or the Cincinnati Reds?

  2) In which city did the Xavier University MBA program open its first Northern Kentucky classroom location?

  3) What is the name of the scholarship program run by Jewish Vocational Service and what is its purpose?

  4) About 2,000 people paddled in the 2010 Paddlefest. How many people paddled in the first Paddlefest,
    in 2001?

  5) What type of consulting business does Bob Lynch of Loveland run?

                                                                                                                        Answers for June 2011 quiz

January 2011 Quiz

  1) The Children’s Home of Cincinnati is a place where children with behavioral problems live.
   True or False?

  2) The Williams College of Business at Xavier University has more MBA students than:
   a)  the College of Business at the University of Cincinnati
   b) Miami University
   c) all other business schools in Greater Cincinnati combined
   d) all of the above

  3) What is the name of the program run by Jewish Vocational Service that helps people improve their job              search skills? 

  4) To which city did Cedar Village Retirement Community take some of its residents in 2009 to celebrate              their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs?

  5) The Xavier Launch-a-Business Competition accepts applications from nonprofits. True or False?

                                                                                                                      Answers for January 2011 quiz

                                           Answers - March 2015

   1) Cedar Village Retirement Community in Mason opened the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati
   Aquatic Therapy Center as part of its rehabilitation programming.

   2) Hoover served on the board of The Children's Home of Cincinnati.

   3) The Tyler Davidson Fountain, also known as The Genius of Water, sits on Fountain Square
   in Cincinnati and is part of the Preschool Promise logo.

   4) The Association is named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a Roman leader who lived
   about 2,500 years ago and was considered a model leader and citizen.

Answers - February 2013

  1) The Shalom Center is the only such program in Ohio. When it opened in January 2012, a
  half-dozen similar centers existed in the United States. The first one opened at the Hebrew Home
  at Riverdale in New York City and served as a model for the Shalom Center. 

  2) Lakota Local School District has about 17,600 students, making it Ohio's seventh-largest school district.

  3) The Literacy Center West program of Santa Maria Community Services prepares people to take
  their GED tests.

  4) Jewish Vocational Service combined its publicly funded programs with Easter Seals Work
  Resource  Center. The new organization is called Easter Seals TriState.

  5) In fall 2012, residents and staff from Otterbein Lebanon Senior Lifestyle Community in
  Warren County traveled with residents and staff from Cedar Village Retirement Community in Mason.

                                                                  Answers - June 2011

  1) The Children's Home of Cincinnati is older. It was founded in 1864. Eighteen years later, the
     current Cincinnati Reds organization, one of the oldest teams in Major League Baseball, was formed.

  2) On June 8, 2011, the Williams College of Business dedicated space for its MBA program in
    a Ft. Mitchell office building.

  3) The Hilb Scholarship Fund has assisted students since 1955. Grants totaling nearly $175,000 are made          to about 100 students annually. Eligibility is based on financial need and academic standing. The
     Fund defines need as annual family income that does not exceed $120,000.

  4) The first Paddlefest had about 285 paddlers.

  5) Bob Lynch owns Strategic Financial Leadership, which helps businesses and nonprofits improve
     their financial and business operations.

                                                                 Answers - January 2011

  1) False. The Children's Home continues to serve children with behavioral issues but it no longer
  has residential facilities.

  2) All of the above. The Williams College of Business has more MBA students than all other
  Greater Cincinnati business schools combined.

  3) Cincinnati Career Network

  4) Jerusalem. Eight Cedar Village residents celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs at the Western Wall.

  5) True. The X-LAB Competition is open to businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises.


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