Paddlefest received more news media attention in 2011 than it had in any of its prior nine years.
  That success came about after Paddlefest hired Elliot Grossman and Ashire Communications for
  media relations.

  With strong support from Paddlefest leaders, Ashire generated stories in hundreds of media
  outlets across the United States. The stories helped Paddlefest increase its paid registration by
  20 percent.

  More than 2,200 paddlers participated in Paddlefest’s signature event -- an 8-mile float on the
  Ohio River -- helping Paddlefest keep its status as the nation’s largest paddling event. About
  4,000 children attended the Kids Expo portion of Paddlefest, maintaining its distinction as the
  largest event of its type in the Midwest.

  News coverage included:
  -- Photos and a story on the national wire of The Associated Press. More than 300 news
  websites carried that coverage including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The
  Charlotte Observer, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The San
  Diego Union-Tribune.
  -- A story and a photo that dominated the front of The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Local News section.
  It focused on Paddlefest’s founder, Brewster Rhoads. At least a dozen news websites across the U.S.     picked up the news feature.
  -- A half dozen stories on WCPO-TV, Channel 9 in Cincinnati, Paddlefest’s media sponsor, including     live broadcasts from the banks of Ohio River as paddlers took to the water.
  -- More than two pages in Cincinnati Magazine devoted to exploring Greater Cincinnati’s role as
  the Paddling Capital of the U.S.
  -- A story and photo on The Huffington Post about a Paddlefest organizer paddling all five
  Great Lakes in five days.

  “Elliot Grossman did a fantastic job garnering print, TV, radio and online media coverage for
  the 10th annual Paddlefest. He designed a media relations plan that paid off big time as he
  pitched our event to local and national media outlets. Thanks to his work with The AP, the
  wire service story on Paddlefest was picked up by nearly 200 media outlets around the U.S. I
  highly recommend Elliot to  any organization interested in using the media to communicate
  its message!”
  Brewster Rhoads, Chair and Founder of the Ohio River Way Paddlefest, Cincinnati 

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