• Initiated the creation of written plans for key communication projects, which improved the effectiveness of the communication efforts.
  • Increased number of tools and tactics regularly used, including Facebook, Linked In, web pages, e-newsletters and video.
  • Advised superintendent and other administrators about public relations strategies.
  • Implemented strategies to minimize public controversies.
  • Improved the weekly e-newsletter by increasing the use of photos, expanding the range of topics and improving the writing and editing.
  • Launched a monthly e-newsletter to rave reviews. The newsletter, which supplemented the weekly newsletter, was more in-depth, more attractive and more engaging.
  • Increased the office’s outreach to the news media to help shape the district’s message and reputation.
  • Developed and executed a plan to communicate $10 million in budget cuts. Centerpiece of the
       plan was a new web page devoted to the budget process with a special email address to
       encourage public comments.
  • Developed a plan to communicate major changes in school menus to increase the chances that students would eat the new, more-nutritious food. The plan, which generated a half-dozen news stories, was designed to interest parents and students, partly by publicizing a Lakota recipe that had drawn national attention and creating a quiz about the school cafeterias.
  • Served as the chief writer for the superintendent and school district for public statements, letters, news releases, speeches and guest columns.
  • Wrote and edited letters from principals to parents about school-based issues.
  • Encouraged a strategy of proactive communication to the public, rather than a reactive strategy.

  Elliot Grossman, President of Ashire Communications, served, in effect, as Lakota’s interim director
  of communications and community relations for 11 months on a consulting basis in a
  crisis situation.


  Lakota is Ohio’s seventh-largest school district. It has 17,500 students, 1,600 employees and
  22 school buildings. It is rated Excellent with Distinction, the state’s highest rating. It serves
  West Chester and Liberty Townships in Butler County.





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