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News release: Interfaith Award Being Named After Beloved Professor

Lots of students at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion called   Professor Lowell McCoy their “favorite rabbi.” It was their ironic way of showing fondness for a beloved teacher.

You see, McCoy is not a rabbi. He’s not even Jewish. He’s an ordained
Methodist minister.

Yet for a half century, he taught rabbinical students at HUC-JIR how to be great orators. In doing so, he helped to shape the way hundreds of Reform rabbis deliver sermons across North America and beyond.

Now, an award has been named after McCoy that will help promote interfaith harmony. It’s called the “Reverend Lowell McCoy Prize in Interfaith Relations.”

News release: Xavier Student Wins International Investing Competition

One of Matthew Tarka’s earliest memories is sitting on his father’s lap in front of a computer and learning about the stock market.

At the time, he was about five years old. Now, he’s a freshman at Xavier University and his knowledge of investing has grown dramatically. It also has paid off.

Tarka, a finance major from Edgewood, Kentucky, has won an international competition to determine which college student could get the greatest return on their investment from a simulated $100,000 stock portfolio.

While other teens might follow sports or pop culture, Tarka tracks the financial markets. “I’d rather read about that than whatever else kids read about nowadays,” he said.

“I may not be an athlete,” he added, “but I still want to win and
be the best.”

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