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Elliot Grossman, President
egrossman@ashire.net / 513-240-9801 / Loveland, Ohio   
Headed the team that used public relations and marketing communications techniques to generate more than 300 applications from aspiring entrepreneurs in the Xavier
Launch-a-Business Competition, also known as X-LAB.
Ashire Communications:

Contributed to the passage of a $72 million bond issue for the Southwest Local School District by providing year-long PR support and advice. The money will fund construction of desperately needed schools.
Prompted the Three Rivers Local and Southwest Local school districts to immediately implement recommendations Ashire made in our communications audits for the districts. The districts' actions included creation of the communication director's position for Southwest as well as a series of community advisory boards for Three Rivers.

Developed and implemented a plan to make students in the Lakota Local School District aware of menu changes in 22 school cafeterias. The goal: to make sure students ate the
new food. Despite a drop in enrollment, the number of meals sold stayed the same.

Reached the local African American, Jewish and Hispanic communities by targeting niche news media outlets that serve those populations.
Generated news coverage in more than 100 local, national and foreign media outlets for clients, including all major media outlets in Greater Cincinnati. Other examples: ABC News, USA Today and The Associated Press.

Developed and implemented a plan to generate responses for an online community survey
for the Lakota Local School District. More than 2,400 people responded, far more than anticipated.

Repeatedly generated national media attention about the Shalom Center for Elder
Abuse Prevention.

Generated more news attention for Ohio River Paddlefest than in any of its prior nine years, which helped to boost revenue and increase paddler registration by 20 percent.

Generated a substantial increase for iSPACE -- an education nonprofit -- in camp registrations, offers of help from volunteers, inquiries about booking programs and Facebook ‘likes.’
Generated news attention for Xavier University's new masters degree in customer analytics, helping to exceed the enrollment goal.

Generated more publicity for Cincinnati’s anniversary celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act than in any of its prior years, resulting in hundreds of people attending the event.

Wrote an in-depth article for a professional journal about a pioneering Xavier University career program. The response was so strong from across the U.S. that Xavier held a daylong seminar about the program for U.S. business educators.