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What Did You Just Say?
Clear Writing and Speaking Is Worth the Effort
    Instead of using jargon, abbreviations and complicated concepts, use the same language in
    your writing that you’d use to speak to your spouse or friend over dinner about your day at
    work. Would a scientist want to talk to non-scientists using the same terminology she’d use
    with fellow scientists? Of course not. It’s likely the laymen wouldn’t have a clue what
    the scientist was talking about.
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One Size Does Not Fit All:
Tips for Generating News Coverage
    The best results are generated when story ideas are offered to reporters, editors and
    producers based on their specific needs. It’s an approach that can be labor intensive because
    you’ll need to keep  track of what they cover and customize your story pitches for
    individual reporters and assignment editors. But it works.
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A key question:
When should you send an email campaign?
    When you’re thinking about the best time to send a mass email, it's smart to consult data.
    The highest open rates often occur early in the week, according to data from Constant Contact, an
    online marketing company. But it's more complicated.

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Once Upon a Time:
People of All Ages Love Stories
    Storytelling can be an effective way to keep readers and listeners engaged while
    delivering a crucial message that people will remember. Here's the beginning of a speech
    by Pennsylvania journalist David Venditta that shows the effectiveness of good story-telling.
    The IronPigs are a minor league baseball team in Allentown:                              

     It seemed like a neat idea to take Dan Curatola to an IronPigs game.

     Dan is a World War II veteran. Army, 1st Infantry Division, hit Omaha Beach on D-Day in the
     first wave. I had interviewed him for a two-part story that ran in The Morning Call in 2009.
     He’s also a big sports fan. When he was a boy, he went to Yankees games, saw DiMaggio
     play, kept scorecards of every game.

    Sixth inning at Coca-Cola Park, a batter hit a line-drive foul. We were in the upper right field              bleachers. It was a scorcher headed our way. An instant later: It’s really headed our way. Then:
    It’s homing in on us! I felt a bolt of dread.

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                                                   Reporters Need You Too:
12 Tips for Dealing with the News Media
   Prepare for interviews: Before a media interview, write down the main points you
   intend to emphasize. Be sure to express those points repeatedly during the interview.

   Respect deadlines:  If you don’t know a media outlet’s deadline, ask.

  Clarity: Use plain English. Do not use jargon. Speak slowly and clearly.

  Story-telling works: Tell brief, compelling anecdotes to illustrate your main points. Reporters
   love anecdotes. So do readers, listeners and viewers.

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