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The only public relations and marketing communications firm in Greater Cincinnati that’s dedicated to serving nonprofits.

Why do we specialize in nonprofits? That’s simple: We want our work to be meaningful. And by working with nonprofits, our work is meaningful. We’re helping to make the world a better place.

Our efforts have helped nonprofits boost their fundraising results, attract more clients, recruit outstanding employees, generate greater attendance for their events and raise their public profiles.

If you want a firm that cares deeply about the missions of nonprofits – and that understands their special needs -- contact Ashire Communications today.

Contact Elliot Grossman at / 513-240-9801 / Loveland, Ohio

At Ashire Communications, We’re Passionate About Helping Nonprofits Succeed.


Cincinnati Area Leaders Recommend Ashire Communications

"Elliot Grossman consistently generated fresh ideas to make our
ADA 25th Anniversary Celebration newsworthy. His time in coaching committee members
before news interviews, seeking out the unique stories in our community, and
keeping a focus on the relevancy of our event paid off with multiple media outlets
picking up stories, conducting interviews, and covering our event."
Debbie Moorehous, Co-Chair, Cincinnati ADA 25th Anniversary Celebration
Development Director, Center for Independent Living Options, Cincinnati

"Elliot is a first-rate storyteller, reporter, editor and communicator. His passion for
making a difference was evident in his journalism career, and continues to be on behalf of
great causes in his role with Ashire Communications."
Jim Pleshinger, PR Specialist; Communications Project Manager,
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Marketing Communications for Nonprofits & Other Great Causes
Elliot Grossman, President / 513-240-9801 / Loveland, Ohio